Build trust in Autonomous Vehicles

In the age of designing technology AV that people trust is just as important as the technology required to make them work. This is the first stage of figuring out what a user would want from their autonomous vehicle and What should the experience be? Need to go past how people accept innovation In Past ancient time, houses are a primary form of transportation things and people rely on Horses is the transition of the period. In the period lifestyle is stable and comfortable. After 100 years, people did choose the car because faster, quite realistically, easy to maintain etc. Period Car evolved quite beat becomes a piece of lifestyle and basic for us and bring move thing and the real thing. Today It expresses the personality and joy, fun, dream and desire. In the age of transforming technology driver cars to self-driving technology.

Today problem with cars Waste time: how much hours you driving? , waste space: how much-unused space parking? , driving dangerous: how many people injured from the car accident. the number is huge worldwide. If we look inside the self-driving car it saves time, space and lives. respectively, you can enjoy in the car spent time in the back, share AV efficiently and remove the primary cause of the accident. Technology has the potential to save time, space, lives in day to day life.

The challenge is to adopt the Magic in reality. Technology is no place to release the car. this is abreast of a technical problem and brilliant people work on it. All designers are responsible for them, society will get them. Regulation on-road that hit technology and development. Society will accept technology. We are people and human sure to trust technology yet.
Happen, when human trust than use them. Problem with innovation Change inherently uncomfortable to people.

The design Trust self-driving cars. it is not easy because it is feeling, not a technical capability. Trust on technology is different from interpersonal trust. the future of trust people trust in technology is evolved in a short amount of time. this is the big challenge for build trust for vehicle transportation. If the social expectations are higher than the autonomous abilities, then you won’t trust it So this research is fine-tuning that balance between social expectations and autonomous behaviours. If we think about of model of your trust put on driver is your driver drop you safely and your trust on Vehicle is the technology powering the vehicle.


People trust what they can see and can clearly understand. we need to show that what car seeing before does it. we all familiar with elevators experience a metal box all feel comfortable to pressing a button then travelling in vertical space. today automatic you control elevator and In past operate someone else elevator operates. their people accept machine that gets us can move up and down. Design and time are responsible for this transition. the elevator has a set of UX pattern in show transparent automated elevator light indicator, button. In-car where the car is going while in the macro transparency and which route is taking, turn, stop and time estimate etc make trust interaction. hence need transparency to build that trust provide that type of transparency through visualization we show the rider to visualization. it is a primary factor to understand technology because the things moving, in reality, need to show in technology have the potential to recognize. In-vehicle is sensing and responding help rider get confident in the experience itself it is possible however over the concept of transparency. company does not get success in visualization in the car because it needs a lot of data for driving decision on way to show that the visualization needs are more complex. now, lot of data now, show in trajectory or moving object. this gives power to the vehicle.


Comfort people things in order to make sense of what in front of them. Design is holding the thing and solve people life bring along them for comfort it needs a kind of experience that human-machine performing. It is intended to constantly update a metaphor to try to find familiar with connecting what is old and new. It also needs design ergonomics of the self-driving car. It helps us people cool, look. when you try to separate from transition evolving dreaming and an amazing feature were endless possibilities and advantage part really cool things comfortable. Self-driving cars widely unfamiliar with people and today operate sit in front seat its whole set of the car is actually not different normal car happen power to vehicle guide, teach them how to work. once it people feel safe and support self-driving car. it changes dramatically in a change in life.


People want to controllable journey pick to drop like choose a destination, request to stop. it means you have a car take you to want to go and get out. here, the amazing thing that you gain some time to play some music, enjoy.

People not instantly accept the technology needs time to build trust. All designer is working hard to build trust that it is safe and save your time. Hope you get what basic things needed to build trust in technology.

Hope you enjoy……..



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